Tuesday, July 20, 2010


the lotus flower. a symbol of hope, beauty, the ability to overcome adversity, to come thru a mucky path and end up somewhere lovely. i really don't think there are many things more beautiful and inspiring, literally or figuratively. i came across these today in an unlikely place and i'm so thankful i had my camera with me.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

austin plant discovery

spiderwort--sounds like a plant i would want NOTHING to do with. i have a near-phobic fear of spiders and most things with more than four legs(bumble bees and a few other exceptions). *shiver* however, i love this plant--all the curly, furry blooms are so cool looking. i haven't been brave enough to try to paint this yet but i'm sure it will happen. the first time i saw this was on the first ever austin garden blogger spring fling. since then i have seen it at a couple nurseries around town. supposedly it can be invasive but i am going to plant some anyway, maybe in a container....