Tuesday, June 30, 2009

birdwatching window and bathroom

this is the "birdwatching" window, one of my favorite places to sit in the house to see who will come to have a meal or take a bath. luckily, it's usually not the human neighbors, just the birds and squirrels. a hawk and owl have also visited.

aaahhhh, and on to possibly my favorite room, the master bathroom. it's huge, has a gigantic picture window that lets in tons of light, a garden tub with jets, a separate double walk-in shower and a double vanity. nice! what more could you ask for?? oh, lots of wall space so i can set up my little nature-based vignettes.

elephant sea sponge and vase with fiddlehead ferns

ceramic pirhana with seaweed skeletons and coral. old-fashioned fly-catcher in the foreground

my snow leopard towels from west elm to jazz up the most important seat in the house.

my favorite place to relax and recover from a hard day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


this is my super awesome Ikea kitchen in my super cool house that happens to be for sale right now. seeing as how market is a tad bit slow i thought some extra energy couldn't hurt--and i love to see people's home's. it's a little inside scoop into someone's personality and design aesthetic. i majored in interior design at the university of texas at austin--where i will be moving back when the house sells--but since i did not follow that career path i try to apply my education to my own surroundings.
this door opens out onto the car port on the side of the house. behind the camera the kitchen opens up onto the great room that has high vaulted ceilings and an amazing picture window that i use for bird watching. most of my bird photos from other posts have been taken from this window.

curtain panels, wall shelves and pantry cabinetry all from Ikea. yes, the entire kitchen came in a zillion flat boxes that had to be put together. luckily, the instructions really are pretty clear and once you get the hang of it it goes along relatively painlessly. i will admit it took me a good five hours to put that island together. it's a solid piece of furniture though, i love it.

my tea collection, a bit low at the moment, is housed on those cool shelves.

this hallway around the corner from the pantry cabinets leads to the front doors and the rest of the rooms in the house. more tomorrow--the master bathroom is just as great as the kitchen! maybe better...

fresh food

we have a great farmer's market here in covinton, louisiana. you can find amazing heirloom veggies, the most delicious fresh eggs, all kinds of sprouts from young mung bean to radish-the lentil are my favorite. tamale casserole is one of my favorite things to get, it's so delicious!! a wonderful man with his own orchard makes jams and jellies(i can't think of the name of the berry trees he has, they are a local fruit that make a beautiful, sparkling pink jelly). here are some things i found last saturday:
an heirloom variety of musk melon
below that is a zucchini next to the musk melon, zucchini might be one of my favorite veggies, i guess technically it's a fruit. mmmm.... whatever, it's delicious.

small red potatoes. i love them sauteed in butter with fresh herbs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

early bird

how do you feel in the morning?

like this?

just wondering...