Thursday, June 25, 2009

fresh food

we have a great farmer's market here in covinton, louisiana. you can find amazing heirloom veggies, the most delicious fresh eggs, all kinds of sprouts from young mung bean to radish-the lentil are my favorite. tamale casserole is one of my favorite things to get, it's so delicious!! a wonderful man with his own orchard makes jams and jellies(i can't think of the name of the berry trees he has, they are a local fruit that make a beautiful, sparkling pink jelly). here are some things i found last saturday:
an heirloom variety of musk melon
below that is a zucchini next to the musk melon, zucchini might be one of my favorite veggies, i guess technically it's a fruit. mmmm.... whatever, it's delicious.

small red potatoes. i love them sauteed in butter with fresh herbs

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islandgardener said...

One of my favorite summer activities -- visiting farmers' markets near my home (or while on my travels). Thanks for sharing yours!