Monday, December 3, 2007

five random things

i have been so busy working because of the holiday season it seems i have had little time for anything else, including my blog! it stresses me out when i don't post regularly, i don't like it when my favorite blogs are not updated on a regular basis so i hate doing it myself. here is a good reason to write.

i have been tagged by awesome artist Linda O'Neill at Abby Creek Art to reveal 5 random/weird things about myself so here goes...

1. i love heavy metal music, my favorite band is Metallica but i also love tons of other hair bands from the 80's and other classic hard rock bands. but i also love enya, theme music from cirque de soleil shows and irish folk songs--rock on bagpipes!!! some of my other faves are misfits, scorpions, van halen, red hot chili peppers, stevie ray vaughan, and eric johnson of austin, tx.

2. i hate high heeled shoes. if anyone were to see the shoes i own (which amount to a total of 9 pairs--4 of which i really like) and nothing else about me they would probably think i was a lesbian or a schoolteacher-and i say that jokingly.

3. when i was a little girl the two things i wanted to be most when i grew up were a nun or a zookeeper.

4. i would really love to practice the art of falconry. i go to renaissance shows mostly to see the birds of prey--they are so beautiful and something you normally never get a close-up view of. i am afraid of the commitment it takes, though.

5. i love tea!!! i have over 30 varieties in my house right now and i just finished up a cup of green ginger peach by the republic of tea. mmm..... i don't think i could live without hot tea or hot baths.

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since i haven't been blogging very long this is the hardest part for me--tagging 5 other people!! but here goes:
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kate smudges said...

I like the idea of falconry. It's obvious you've always had a love for living things - wanting to be a zookeeper and a falconer. And tea - I am impressed with the 30+ varieties of tea.

Linda O'Neill said...

Love it! Thanks for playing along, Laura. I felt an instant bond to you and your blog the first time I visited...and now I know hate high heels and love tea. I think we were separated at birth.:)

jr said...

ahhh hahahaha! got me! fun!
yes, i am the same way about heels! i mean sometimes i kinda wish i could do it cuz some heel styles are so hot but i bet i would just eat shit if i tried.
and you heard about the quiet riot guy right? sad news...
you'll hafta post a list of your teas sometime so we can all ask- is this one good, how's that one?...

kate said...

This will be fun ... I'll have to come up with some interesting things. Thank you!

Oh I agree - you should post a list of all your teas.

Unknown said...

I love tea, too. I have no idea how many varieties I have, but it's a lot. I do love high heels, though. As long as I am not walking or standing in them all day, that is. Not very practical.