Monday, January 14, 2008

my tea accessories

my everyday teapot i could not live without. and a little teacup belonging to a set i got from my mom, so pretty.

i have been asked where i store all my teas. well, for now, until our kitchen is remodeled i have this baker's rack in my dining room with my "tea nook". my electric kettle is there, tea pot, cups, and all the tea. the teas are pretty much confined to the woven basket and the asian looking wood box next to it. a little tea goes a long way. today i enjoyed "mate latte" by republic of tea, chocolate/blood orange and ginger peach green tea also by republic of tea.

this is my favorite clay teapot. i don't use it regularly as i now have my metal teapot which is not as prone to breaking. i did use this one today though because a friend was over and my metal teapot is a single serving size.

this is another clay teapot, an unusual leaf shaped pot. the lid is broken and the pieces are still around waiting to be glued back together.

this is not exactly a tea related item but i use these little bowls to photograph some of the prettier teas in. my mother-in-law got me a set of 6 of these with different aquatic life forms in them. they are wonderful, thin, raku little soy sauces dishes, or whatever you want to put in them. i love them.


Unknown said...

Such wonderful things to look at. I have always wondered about those metal teapots. They don't leave a metallic taste in your tea??

Linda O'Neill said...

Those are beautiful the one with the leaf, it's so unique.

kate said...

Your everyday teapot is pretty and so are the little bowls. The baker's rack is a perfect place for your tea and accessories. I love baskets of all shapes and sizes.

The chocolate, blood orange and ginger peach gree tea sounds delicious. Yum...

I hope your clay teapot gets fixed so you can enjoy using it again.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I also have a load of teas--and added to them the other day from the local gourmet market. But they are not so stylishly stored. They do become unwieldy.

I got the paintings off to be framed. They will look FABULOUS!!!

--Robin (Bumblebee)

jr said...

so envious of your sexy teapot! don't you LOVE asian kitchenware? if you ever go to san francisco, i'll tell you exactly where to go and try not to spend all your money on beautiful cups, bowls, soy sauce, dishes, sake sets, aisles and aisles, oh lord someone take me back to CA!
p.s. thanks for reminding me how long i've ignored my blog! just posted... and tell us about blockprinting!!!