Tuesday, February 19, 2008

day of the baltimore oriole

this morning i spotted a baltimore oriole at my birdfeeder, i always put out a fruit and nut food and i really feel like i get a wider variety of birds than i would with a cheaper food. i have only seen a baltimore oriole one other time-december 2006 so i was really excited when this one showed up. i watched it for a long time and only ran to get my camera when it flew up into the oak tree. i didn't get a great shot but oh well, i got to watch it eat.

here is my favorite woodpecker, the red-bellied woodpecker. i see these almost every day at the feeder but i got some nice shots of it today too.

look at that cute face!

and then, when i was finished taking pictures i turned around to discover fern drinking my tea!! it was a good one so i can hardly blame her--black wild blueberry with a splash of vanilla soy milk. mmm...

so i had to put in a shot of hazel too so she wouldn't feel left out...


kate said...

Hi Laura, Fern, Hazel & Sam too,

I loved seeing the Baltimore Oriole photographs along with the Woodpecker. They are so cheerful with the bright red on their heads.

No wonder Fern took the opportunity to have a dip into your tea - you were busy with the birds!

I hope your block carving is going well!

Unknown said...

A Baltimore Oriole and a tea drinking cat! This is like a fairy tale. How fun.

Linda O'Neill said...

Well, Fern obviously has good tea taste!

Love your bird pics, Laura. The Oriole one with the orange against the blue is so striking. What gorgeous colors!