Saturday, October 10, 2009

keep austin weird

we have a saying for our fabulous city here, "keep austin weird" so i thought i would post some of the stranger things i have photographed lately. these first couple aren't weird at all, just cool things i saw in shop windows downtown on 2nd street.

these hanging paper decorations were super cool--extra fancy origami.

and then there was the rat... ha ha!! i couldn't resist. but i think it's really a stuffed rat. yikes. i wonder if it was someone's pet?

then everyone's fav animal, the lovely armadillo... these are outside Threadgills cast in concrete. i actually think they are really cool looking.


Linda O'Neill said...

Yee gads, that rat looks real! Those ARE some cool finds though.

By the way...your Bird of Paradise is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Well, Austin's gonna be kept weird if you're there sis-don't you worry about it! Hook'em sucka! They had a big story on ESPN on the ? PIT, about 25 miles South of Austin(I think) with all kinds of BBQ and stuff. Let's see some FOOD string bean and I'll come visit ya!!!-duunk post

Laura said...

dude--it's the SALT LICK i believe you heard of... and you've been there! but hell yeah, of course we'll eat like no tomorrow when you finally come to visit me. bring it on little brother, let's see if you can hang with the big boys!! it's all bigger here in texas!!