Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Verbena, #9 Jefferson Square, Austin, Texas 78731

These are pictures from one of my very favorite stores in Austin, which also happens to be my place of employment! I'm really not biased though, the minute I walked into the store I loved it and immediately applied for a job. It's worked out wonderfully since then and if you live in the Austin area and haven't been here you must visit. We do floral designs for delivery and weddings and have an amazing boutique shop packed with all kinds of goodies... here are a few samples.

glass sea urchin vases

little wooden hands

horn bangles

Tokyo Milk perfumes and bath products

recycled juice glasses, or adorable little vases

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Linda O'Neill said...

Hey Laura...welcome back! What a great inspiring place to work. Love the pics...especially the last one with the flowers.