Wednesday, August 22, 2007

art happenings

it has been a busy week and i have found that completing a painting every single day is harder than i thought. however, alot of other activity has been going on in my art world so i am looking forward to a good bit of painting. i went to one of my favorite shops today, the red onion, in baton rouge. it is about an hour away from my house and is a treasure trove of plants(a long-time nursery is home to the building the shop is in), household goodies, terra cotta pots, papers and ribbons, pods and branches and tons of other wonderful stuff. i came home with a handmade pottery soap dish, super stylish stationery for my sister, a couple onion-sized dried pods and a sheet of beautiful paper. the shop also sells art, including mine, and things have really picked up so i need to get to work to re-stock the walls. i planned on taking pictures of the shop and greenhouses to post but got so caught up in the moment i never even got my camera out of the car! will make a return trip soon and get some photos--it's definitely worth a visit if you are in the region.
the red onion
15680 perkins road
baton rouge, louisiana
and a second location is coming soon!

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