Monday, August 13, 2007

Creepy Crawlies

i spotted my first banana spider of the season today and boy it's a big one. it's web starts about ten feet up in a tree out by the road and goes all the way to the ground. i got my husband out there to try to get a good picture of it because i just can't get close enough to those things to focus my camera right. he really couldn't either so here is a good shot i managed to get last year of one a little smaller. they are beautiful and horrible at the same time, i definitely have a serious fear of spiders.
snakes are not so bad but i did worry a little when i found this guy outside my back window one afternoon. it ended up being a non-poisonous specimen that mimicks poisonous snakes by puffing up it's head into that telltale triangle shape. i haven't seen him again which is fine with me.


Yen said...

Thank you for the kind words, and I can use it to keep me going.

Do be careful when snakes lurk around.

kate said...

Oh yikes, I would be frightened if I saw this guy in my garden. The only snakes we see here are green garter snakes and they are always so frightened of us - they slither off as quickly as they can.

Those spiderwebs must be incredible.

lawremc said...

If I don't miss my guess---you had a close encounter with a hognose snake. Here in Alabama, it's sometimes called a spreading adder.