Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Big Scary Stinkbugs

i would love to know if anyone else out there has these bugs all over their tomato plants. i can't stand them, they totally creep me out, even though i am pretty sure they are harmless. if anyone has anything nice to say about them please share--maybe it would make me feel more at ease. on a better note, my native morning glory that i grew from seed finally bloomed yesterday!! it was very exciting and felt like a long time coming. i also have bleedingheart and dutchman's pipe vines growing on the same trellis, with some luck i will have all three blooming at the same time. i love the dutchman's pipe, for anyone who has never seen one it is one of the most unusual and beautiful plants i have ever seen. unfortunately, my pictures of it were lost when we evacuated for katrina so we will have to wait until this one flowers. i can promise that the day i spot a bloom out there i will be posting a photo.

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Annie in Austin said...

Yes, Laura - those bugs are all over my tomato patch, too. If I flick them off to pick a 'Juliet' [a grape tomato with a long season] the bug will fly at me like he's attacking, but doesn't actually do anything.

I've seen both Dutchman's Pipe and the Bleeding Heart vine but never grown them - it will be interesting to see them together in your photos.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose