Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fall vegetables

I sat down this afternoon and ordered vegetable seeds for the garden, after consulting LSU's ag site for gardening. the fall menu should consist of several kinds of lettuce, edible poppies(seeds), carrots, beets, brussels sprouts, broccoli raab, chard, chives, yard long beans, mustard greens and spinach. this is the second season we will be growing vegetables and i don't turn it into rocket science. the ag center has a handy table for when and what variety vegetable to plant so i order the seeds and stick them in the ground. we had a successful crop of summer corn, zucchini, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, peppers and okra. now we just need more garden and less lawn--time and elbow grease. i got my seeds from Renee's Garden Seeds and Botanical Interests

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kate said...

I wish I could grow veggies in the fall. Alas, frosts happen at that time of year.

It sounds as if you will be planting a lovely variety of veggies.

Your passionvine watercolour is really lovely.