Sunday, January 6, 2008

the square tin, second tea installment

i was pleasantly surprised by the world market brand of tea, a nice quality loose tea. the desert sunrise is a very nice blend of black and green tea with a pleasant but unusual fruity scent and flavor. the other ingredients are sunflower petals, cactus blossoms and other natural flavors. the white ginger citrus i don't like as much, there is not a strong enough citrus presence for my taste, the overall flavor is a little muddy to me. even though i was not crazy about that one i would definitely buy more of this brand.

the harney and sons teas have popped up in barnes and noble/starbucks cafes around here, replacing the tazo brand that starbucks normally carries. the tea is in silky, triangle shaped bags inside the tin. the peppermint herbal was good, very strong and zippy peppermint flavor but nothing extraordinary as far as a peppermint herbal goes.

the bangkok, however, is really one of the most unusual tasting teas i have ever had. the coconut is probably the dominant flavor but is offset by the lemongrass and ginger so it's not too sweet. maybe my friend jennifer at rosydelights will give her opinion if she remembers what this one tastes like. i really liked this flavor and will probably buy another canister. as much as i liked it my good tea drinking friend was completely repulsed by it. she is a huge fan of thai food so the flavors were very appealing to her but she did not like the actual flavor upon tasting it. it just goes to show that personal likes and dislikes are just that, personal. my favorite thing may be another person's least favorite, but it's fun to compare and contrast.


jr said...

right! the bangkok. i was excited to try it cuz i particularly love those 3 flavors. i think it IS a very nice tea and if you're into asian flavors, it's def a unique one to try. i know it reminded me very much of thai soup. and maybe a little too much cuz i think i had concluded i don't want tea to taste like a familiar savory meal and i just couldn't taste the tea without that association. i wondered if the proportions of flavors were different, if i'd like it better. i'd say i did like it enough that i'd give it another shot to see if i have a different perspective. it seems like one that could grow on me, an acquired taste. gosh, if anyone knows of anything similar but different, i'd love to know. esp if there's coconut involved!

Unknown said...

Ah, the moment I have been waiting for. More tea. I have yet to try the Bankok. My favorite photo is the tea canister with a cat leg next to it. FUN! I am currently enjoying ginseng oolong tea that my husband and I bought in Hong Kong. Yum.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Underlying all this heady discussion is "How the heck do you store all this tea?" Even if you love tea and drink a lot of tea, well, you have a lot of tea.


--Robin (Bumblebee)

kate said...

I love the tea canisters as well as the interesting array of different blends. I am going to be referring back here when next I venture into buying tea.

Tonight I wrote a post about flowering tea - I was given a glass teapot and several flowering teas with different flowers. I made a mention of your first tea post there so hopefully more people will come and read your tea posts. They are very helpful and well-written!