Monday, February 18, 2008

amaryllis block print

this is the design for my latest block print, inspired by my dried up amaryllis blooms. i love the lines and the different weights of them. hopefully i will be able to carve the block well enough to illustrate the different thicknesses. this is the tracing paper i drew the original image on which is taped onto a piece of graphite paper which is taped onto the lino block so that i can transfer the image onto the block. below is the block(colored in red)with the image completely transferred. i love the graphite paper itself with the "negative" image left on it.

the whole block, actually upside down!, waiting to be carved.

a close-up of the block. i am carving away the parts covered in graphite so everything that is red is what will print.
the carving has begun and i plan to finish it today. last week i didn't even touch it because i worked at the flower shop for valentine's day--glad that is over.


Critical Mass 11:11 said...

I really like seeing the whole process. Very cool! Looking forward to the finished piece :)

kate said...

This will look great - it must be tricky to cut out the pattern.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I absolutely love you cat children ! .. just had to stop and say that : )

Unknown said...

It is really fun to see the process! I can't wait to see the finished print.