Tuesday, February 5, 2008

happy mardi gras!!!

today is mardi gras day, the last day of our parades, balls, partying, carousing, etc.... i don't really do all that anymore now that we live across the lake from new orleans but when we did live in the city it was fun to go catch some beads and people-watch in the french quarter. usually i associate mardi gras day with the coming of spring. my box turtle is usually coming out of winter hibernation around this time and today i was out in the garden planting some seeds and some fun color.

i am devoting this posting to the traditional mardi gras colors--purple, green and gold. i do have a more open definition of purple (including hot pink and magenta) than most people. for some of the green, below are my brussels sprouts which are actually bearing sprouts!! very exciting!

and here is a foxglove, one of my favorite plants that is much easier to grow here a little north of new orleans. hopefully i will have some blooms in a couple weeks.

snapdragons--i usually don't go for this flourescent yellow but i was in the mardi gras spirit so i planted in anyway.

cute yellow/gold violas

winter jasmine



Linda O'Neill said...

Your vegetable and flower photos are just beautiful! I've been craving brussel sprouts lately too...so now you've done it!

Unknown said...

Happy Mardi Gras, indeed! The colours are a great way to chase away the weather. I hope things are peaceful, weatherwise, in your area; I'm just watching tornado reports in the southern US but hopefully no where near you.

kate said...

Hi Laura, Sam, Fern and la belle Hazel!

It would be fun to watch the Mardi Gras parades and take part in the festivities.

Your Winter Jasmine is gorgeous. While we are buried under several feet of snow, you are growing brussel sprouts and have Foxgloves near blooming. Lucky, lucky you!

jr said...

wow!!! awesome garden shots! jealous of your brussel sprouts. and i'm totally into the pale yellow snaps! thats a beautiful shade! maybe it'll grow on you now that its in yer dirt. and i definitely prefer pinky purples to true purples. but i have a weird aversion to purple... so i'm totally digging the fuschias.