Friday, March 21, 2008

feline friday

fern--guarding my binder

hazel napping

cool eyeball shot

a special thanks to the wonderful people who read and leave comments on my blog, i have several responses to write and will get to them as soon as i get back from my cold trip up north next week. i really appreciate all the feedback and insight!!


Linda O'Neill said...

Perdy kitties...they are so sweet. Beautiful pics of them too, Laura.

Have a wonderful Easter and a great trip! xox

Unknown said...

Kitties!!! Don't forget to pack a sweater, or two, or three.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos of the furbabies. You have a safe trip north (how north?) and we'll look forward to your further adventures.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I love seeing posts on cats anytime !
Thanks !
Joy & Sophie !

kate smudges said...

Every time I see Hazel, it makes me smile remembering mine. Ferne looks as if she isn't going to budge off that binder.

The eyeball shot you took is a good one ... I love that.