Thursday, March 6, 2008

Global Wildlife

continuing on with my animal -themed week, here are some picture taken at the Global Wildlife Center here in Folsom, Louisiana. it is a huge plot of land that houses herd animals and is open to the public. we have gone several times and it is always tons of fun. you can feed the animals and the driven tours are usually about two hours if i remember correctly. the longhorns are my favorites, of course, beind a UT alumni. go longhorns!

there are five giraffes, this is the baby. they will come right up to the "train" and stick their heads in to eat from the cups of food you can buy.

the zebra is the only animal you are not allowed to feed. they will bite you for affection or aggression, so there is really no safe time to feed or pet them, unless you want to be bitten. that doesn't stop them from trying though.

there are lots of geese, which have to be fed away from the train or they will run right under the wheels to get food and can meet an untimely doom.

once a month there is a huge food round-up where a big tractor dumps corn in a huge circle around the train and almost every animal in the place comes to eat. it's a sight to see. this is a small sampling of the huge herd. some of my favorite animals i don't have pictures of that you can see there are llamas, burros, american bison, and i'm sure there are more i am forgetting.


jr said...

oh my GOD. photos are INCREDIBLE. beautiful animals!

Jane O' said...

I love the picture of Sam. I used to have a Siamese. She lived to be 16 years old. She's been gone for 18 years and I still mourn her. I'm thinking of getting another after years of having dogs. They do rule the house, don't they?

Linda O'Neill said...

Beautiful shots...I love Longhorns too! What a great place to visit and be surrounded by animals.

Unknown said...

That zebra nose just kills me!! I have a serious infatuation with giraffes, though. They are by far my favorite. Great photos

Anonymous said...

Super photos as usual! Love all the natural surroundings.