Sunday, May 24, 2009

announcing dreams

my life has undergone some big changes lately and as a result of those I am making some big plans. one of the plans is to sell all the art i currently have in stock. i just marked down all my artwork on etsy that was over $50 by half off. it's a great sale and i really hope to move some pieces which will add to the next part of my plan. i am putting these ideas/whishes/plans out there for many reasons, putting things in writing somehow makes them more real. more on the big plans to come....


jr said...

Good luck with everything, laura! You might consider posting in Etsy's forums about your sale. I think there's a thread for people to announce sales, and they might choose from these posts some sales to highlight in their weekly "Weekend Deals" blog post.
Hope you are well! We need to catch up email-wise... I guess we'll get to it eventually, haha :)
xo, j.

Linda O'Neill said...

WOW Laura...this is one beautiful piece! Everything about it is gorgeous.