Sunday, May 31, 2009

orchid dreams

here are a couple orchid close-ups i captured at the Red Onion, i find them dreamy and surreal. speaking of dreams, the next one in the line-up is that my house will sell so i can move back to austin and rejoin the wonderful austin garden bloggers! i have a wonderful little house out in the country, it's peaceful and beautiful and surrounded by wildlife-birds, snakes, singing frogs, coyotes, raccoons, armadillos, etc... i also installed a wonderful ikea kitchen which i hate to give up but i'll just have to get another one wherever i end up. so universe, it's time to listen and send me on my way. my mom is also sending me her st. joseph statue as a good luck charm to help sell the house. i will have to say, it's kind of scary putting your earnest wishes out there for the whole world to read.

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