Sunday, March 9, 2008


i am ending my animal week with my favorite bird pictures, all taken around my house. i love the cardinal's wind-swept look. ha ha.

a painterly-looking bluejay.

looking for somthing?

the female cardinals have the most beautiful color to me, so soft with the tiniest hint of blush on their breast.

look at that eyeball!

look at the space between the beak and the nut he is about to grab, i love that.

i really love this photo--the subtle difference between the softness of the background and the actual softness of the bird's little body.

a woodpecker that flew into our bedroom window, under our front porch--that was unexpected. my sweet husband picked it up in the towel and spoon-fed it some water. it made a fell recovery and flew off.

now, now.... their's enough there for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

This is a fun post with photographs of the birds around you house. It really conveys the natural spirit of your surroundings and that you enjoy it!
Looking forward to browsing the rest of your blog...


Renee said...

I can see how you pull so much inspiration for your paintings from the natural world around you. Your photos of these little guys are very sweet.

A painter friend of ours has been doing sketches of birds that land on his feeder outside the kitchen window. The birds are only there for a few seconds, so most of the sketches are incomplete, but he has been selling quite a few as a collection. It captures a great moment in time!

jr said...

awesome pics!!! and you're totally right about the colors of the female cardinal. very subtle and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic shots! I love all of them. They're all my favorites. I adore birds, plants, and painting after my cats. I can't wait to see what next week hatches from your creative mind.

Linda O'Neill said...

What perdy birdies...thanks for the great pics, Laura!