Monday, March 3, 2008

hazel's birthday and animal week

yesterday was hazel's first birthday. i can't believe she is already a year old. we got her (and fern) on the same day and hazel was four months old at the time. we did't have a huge birthday party for her... i did tell her it was her birthday though. this might be one of the best pictures i've gotten of her--it's really hard to photograph a black cat, especially one that isn't prone to being photographed.

i also got some great photos of a cute, green amphibian today which i will post tomorrow. it seems the animal kingdom is wanting to be on my blog this week so every day i will post animal pictures. hope you enjoy them!

it's hard to believe she was once so tiny!! now she's my sleek and shiny leaper, she has a long body and long legs and is sometimes very chatty. when we adpoted her i found out that black cats are the least popular kind to be adopted so if you're in the market for a kitten make sure you consider the black ones!! it's fun having a "halloween" cat, fall is my favorite season and this year i am definitely going to photograph her surrounded by pumpkins that have come out of my own garden--that's a promise.


Anonymous said...

She is very beautiful and lucky too! Why don't you have to buy a cat a birthday present?.......Because they already know that they own everything! Just like a cat isn't it? Happy Birthday Hazel!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Hazel! I think my favorite photo is the one with the pink tongue, licking the paw!!! So cute. We had a black cat when I was growing up. I am allergic to cats, but she was a pretty cool cat, too.

kate smudges said...

Happy Birthday to Hazel... I love black cats, once having a brother and sister from the time they were kittens. They roared around the house, as I imagine sleek Hazel does. She resembles my former Hazel cat - also a leaper.