Tuesday, April 1, 2008

easter in chicago

i know easter is long gone but i had to post this picture of colored eggshells--i think my nephew would have colored twelve dozen eggs if my sister let him. i flew in for the weekend, to several inches of snow on the ground!! ugh! i do not miss those winters...

besides getting to spend time with my family, my sister and i also ate out at a wonderful cafe/coffeshop called julius meinl where we had the most incredible dessert of white chocolate mousse with mango and raspberry gelee in the very center, it was incredible.

it was so good, in fact, that we ate there twice, so i indulged in a bananas-foster latte... mmm...., it was also delicious, the flavors were not very strong or sweet which was nice. the perfect thing for a wintery afternoon of shopping(at anthropologie, possibly my favorite store ever)! oh, i also got some incredible loose tea at julius meinl, which i will post later--all i wll say is "pineapple".

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