Monday, June 23, 2008

akumal, mexico

my one big disappointment in akumal was that i never saw a sea turtle. we even took a miles-long walk on a beach where there were lots of turtle egg mounds. nope, not a single turtle. so sad. que onda was the little "hotel" we stayed in for the last couple nights of our stay. it was cute and quaint and had a really good restaurant that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. the best thing about it though was the access to the Yal-Ku lagoon for a fraction of the price most tourists paid to go through the main lagoon entrance. the snorkeling was the best in the lagoon, by a long shot.

possibly the best cappucino i have ever had, it was smooth, sweet, delicious and the foam was to die for.
the que onda restaurant with thatched roof, cute gourd-carved lights and mosquito spray on the tables so you don't get eaten alive while dining. the mosquitos were really bad if you weren't right on the water getting the heavenly sea breeze.
the next 3 pictures are the yal-ku lagoon. it was filled with tons of colorful fish, including some barracuda, rocky caverns and sandy bottoms and fresh water coming up from the underground rivers that mixed with the salt water and gave the effect of oil and water mixing or heat rising off a highway. i'll post more pictures of that.

this beauty was at the wonderful galleria lamanai in akumal. he was gorgeous, fully beaded with beautiful sparkly glass beads--unfortunately a little out of my price range. i'm usually not one for sparkly things but he was gorgeous, i love iguanas.


Gail said...

There is something so romantic sounding when you say...lagoon! I don't know, maybe a steady diet of 1950's oldie movies! The lagoon is lovely, no it was beautiful!


Unknown said...

This looks DIVINE. Truly! Sounds like a great vacation. I am with you on the lizard thing - sparkly or no.

Linda O'Neill said...

Wow, what a trip! Looks like a beautiful place. That Iguana is just amazing. I've never seen one quite like it.

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Hi Laura,
I found your blog via Linda O'Neill's. How fascinating. Your trip sounds wonderful and your artwork is stunning. Great blog.

Unknown said...

OK, I'm so far behind on commenting but I wanted to say the hotel looks really cool. You must have had a wonderful time. My bro and I went to a yoga retreat in Maya Tulum and stayed in palapas on the beach. It was awesome. Except for ants and mosquitoes at night. But you have to make some sacrifice.