Thursday, June 5, 2008

heat bloomers continued

lace cap hydrangea
blue salvia... not sure of the exact variety, just know i like it

buddleia, one of my favorite smelling plants. unfortunately this is my only variety right now, i wish i had tons of these, i really love them.

what would we (and the butterflies and hummingbirds) do without lantana in the summer??

ok, he's not exactly blooming but who gets tired of seeing cute lizards?

and i'll be out for about 10 days, we'll see what the garden looks like then....hoping for lots of rain.


lawremc said...

the salvia looks like Salvia Black and Blue to me. One of my favorites as well. Just added the second to a new bed in front of house.

Love the anole! I have been seeing a lot lately in darker olive greens and brown.

Linda O'Neill said...

Hey Laura! Beautiful photos...makes my morning. Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

My Louisiana ground has cracked in several places without rain. I water plants every day, but I notice my blooms are not as numerous as yours.

I love seeing other people's plants. Thanks so much for continuing to share your photos. Have a good trip.

kate smudges said...

The buddleia is beautiful - I wish I could grow them here. I love the flowers and how graceful it looks.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Enjoyed seeing your garden photos and especially your cats.

I agree with the other poster, Salvia Black and Blue is favorite, long season bloomer.

Anonymous said...

great pictures... I live in New Orleans and came across your site on blotanical... btw, you are very talented.