Tuesday, June 3, 2008

blooming in the heat

summer is really here, ugh. it is in the nineties every day and it feels like it. spring annuals and cooler weather vegetables are wilting in the heat but some things in the garden are looking very nice. the meyer lemon has tiny, green lemons all over it. mmm.... can't wait for homemade lemonade.

a yellow ground orchid has come back from last year.

the dutchman's pipe with the biggest bloom yet!!

a perennial geranium whose blooms are the most beautiful shade of purple with tiny orange centers, none of which showed up in this photo.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the heat is definitely hitting hard so early in the season. Some of my plants need daily watering already. And with this heat, I can't wait to see your photos in the dryness of the summer.

Ken said...

Very nice pictures. The bee colony is very interesting; I have never seen them out like that either.

Gail said...

I haven't mastered the closeup and so my flowers often look like they have no center...On the other hand that is a good photo of the Dutchman's pipe.

lawremc said...

Heat and humidity ramping up here in Alabama as well. Love the lemon! Thought I was buying a Meyer lemon, turned out to be a Buddha's hand citron.

I keep battling soft brown scale. Have you had scale issues with your citrus?