Monday, April 27, 2009

Bayou Coquille

bayou coquille is part of the jean lafitte park in barataria, louisiana. it is one of my favorite places to go in the spring to see tons of the great wildlife here. there is a boardwalk that runs through the swamp and then along the bayou - i have never been disappointed on a visit here. i have seen all the below plus owls, rabbits, different varieties of snakes, egrets, great blue herons, woodpeckers, warblers, turtles, fish and i'm sure more animals i am forgetting to mention. it's also a great place to see the irises in full bloom if you can catch them--it's kind of a short window of opportunity. there is always something great to see though!!


jr said...

i'm always impressed with your ability to identify so much wildlife. i dunno a warbler from a marble, but that's just me i guess... i am ashamed how many spring flower names i've forgotten since GT days :( i walk around and spot familiar blooms and say "ohhh, .... thooooose..." haha :)
love the background behind the dragonfly. great shots as always! happy to see you turning up in blogworld again :) missed ya! xo, j

Daniel Ramirez said...

I think I've found my new desktop wallpaper in that frog pic.