Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Red Onion:Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I recently visited one of my favorite stores of all time. the red onion in baton rouge-if you live anywhere remotely near here and like plants/flowers/pots/interiors/art you must visit. Brenda, the owner, is really friendly and personable and has great company at work!

there is a great little shop on the grounds of a greenhouse and several growing areas

there area unique pots, glass votive holders, the one pictured below is fashioned after a log with holes in it for the candles

artwork, cement mushrooms, glass cloches and books


Diana said...

That looks like a fabulous place for a Saturday afternoon outing -- wish it were closer!

Unknown said...

What a fun place! There's nothing like that aorund here--most of what I see in stores is the 'same ol', same ol' made-in-china garden junk that we see in the bigbox stores too. I look long and hard for shops like this and then patronize and promote them like you did, Laura. Wonderful.