Thursday, September 20, 2007

goodbye summer

these are my favorite images from summer. this is fern, the youngest of my three cat children who was adopted, along with hazel, on june 30th. hazel, my middle child, who has grown into a long-legged sleek, shiny snuggle bunny. it's hard to photograph a black cat--usually i only get a black cat-shaped image with little other detail.
bronze fennel(ony of my very favorite plants)and a double purple geranium with some variegated nasturtium leaves
brightly colored coleus.

yellow ground or garden orchid. it will die back during winter and then peep up again in the spring. i would like to get the purple version i had a couple years ago to go with it.

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jr said...

LAURAAAA! hey! i'm excited you have a blog. i linked you in mine ;) but can't look right now. gotta go get pop at the airport. def gonna check it out later. looks awesome at first glance! hope you're well, great to hear from you!