Friday, September 28, 2007

lion's ear

to look at the gourds you would believe fall was really in full swing. however, it is still in the high 80's here in covington but we are supposed to get some relief from the humidity this weekend. it is really time to clean and weed the garden beds but i just have not felt like doing it yet. i am actually considering taking out my perennials that are in the front of the house and putting in a simple, clean looking landscape with an asian flair. maybe some stones and a couple japanese maples symmetrically placed with a bench on one side. i have always liked a wild looking english cottage style garden but i think this area calls for a different treatment. will have to think on that one some more.
hopefully things will successfully transplant if i do decide to revamp the front and move the plants from the front to the side of the house. i finally have a good looking lion's ear(or tail) and it would be a real shame if i lost it in a move. hazel, now dubbed "the hunter", discovered a visitor in the house last night who was probably looking for a place to make a home for the winter. she cornered a tiny field mouse in the hallway but didn't hurt it. it was removed from the premises and relocated to a more remote home.
it has been a busy week working and getting ready for the art market of new orleans which is held the last saturday of each month. this will be my first go at this particular market so hopefully it will be a fruitfull day.


jr said...

good kitty. get them mice.
don't you feel so conflicted sometimes (i do) having these strong, yet opposite, tastes for both eastern and western garden style? ew! i got a subscription to garden design magazine! i'm so anxious for my first issue, esp cuz i haven't had a mag subscription in forever! yay mail!

kate said...

I think my Hazel's spirit is contained with your Hazel. Hazel used to be a magnificent hunter ... she had an uncanny ability that none of my other cats ever displayed. Even when she was sick in the last few months of her life, she still caught the odd mouse.

The Lion's Ear is beautiful. It would be a shame to move it, but sometimes we live with a part of the garden and decide that it really needs to be done differently. Sounds as if you might be there...