Monday, September 24, 2007

succulents and houseplants

i must admit i have a love of houseplants, preferably unusual and interesting ones, but anything green and leafy will usually do. unfortunately, between poor indoor light and cats who love to munch on leafy greens it is hard to keep plants indoors. in an ideal world my whole roof would be glass so i would have tons of sunlight in every room and could grow anything indoors i wanted to. having live, healthy plants just really seems to give a room life, fresh air and a homey lived-in feel. we got a whole shipment of green plants in last week and there was a great selection of interesting things..
a hairy looking succulent a furry looking and feeling succulent
baby ponytail palms--so little and cute! by the time i am fifty this one will be 5 feet tall, if i don't kill it first
variegated mother-in-law's tongue--i never would have thought i would actually want to bring home one of those but...
various succulents
more varieties of the mother-in-law tongue, there was an especially pretty deep, dark green one that i did not get a picture of


Linda O'Neill said...

Nice photos, Laura...that hairy looking succulent is so cool! It looks alive!

kate said...

We share the same enjoyment in unusual plants ... so that's probably why I have most of the plants in your pictures (and many more ...) Well, I don't have a variegated Mother-in-law's tongue but I do have a regular one.

I think it must be great working in an environment where you can be with plants!