Thursday, September 13, 2007

las vegas

my husband and i usually go to vegas once a year just to have fun or to meet up with the rest of my family. we were there in late june this year and for anyone who has never been there you are really missing out on some sights you will never see anywhere else. these pictures are frome the bellagio hotel which is one of the most elegant and visually fantastic places in vegas. this is the water show in fromt of the hotel which is choreographed to music, usually a well-known contemporary song or even opera. the jets of water can shoot so high in the air it sounds like thunder when it all comes crashing down again. this is inside the arboretum of the bellagio where a different theme with tons of blooming flowers and other displays are set up and changed seasonally. there weren't so many blooming plants this time but it was still fun. this was a life-sized ferris wheel, a small one but still...riding in the ferris wheel only please
a french market stand
a desert scene along route 66 complete with fake scorpions sitting on the rocks

the multi-flavored chocolate fountain in the candy store around the corner from the arboretum
a gigantic arrangement of bamboo, ivy and allium in one of the hallways

the main entryway with it's ceiling of blown glass blooms, which really are beautiful glowing and sparkling in real life.

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