Monday, November 12, 2007

back to the garden

after weeks of waiting for something exciting to happen in the garden, i finally have some decent sized seedlings coming up--only a couple though. my nasturtiums and sweet peas are really starting to look like something. alyssum, pansies, larkspur, hollyhocks and a couple other things are still just teeny tiny. and now i know why many gardeners start plants in flats--i have been unable to mulch or even add more plants to the bed for fear of disturbing the seeds that have not started sprouting yet or burying tiny seedlings that i cannot distinguish from weeds. the nasturtium and sweet peas are definitley an experiment, there is a good chance they will get frozen if we get an early cold night but i am keeping my fingers crossed. i still have seeds left so i can start over later in the spring if necessary. hopefully i will be able to keep the plants covered through any cold snaps.
here is our first turnip poking up from the dirt. mmm.... i can't wait to dice these up and caramelize them with a little butter and sugar.
purple beebalm seedhead
pretty fall foliage of the beebalm
the lion's ear just keeps on blooming--it has such amazing architecture and textures. pointy and soft, sleek and fuzzy, soft and sharp.

i just planted this amaryllis bulb brought all the way from holland! it is the papilio variety, one of my very favorites. i can't wait to see the bloom.
and a new tenant in one of my raised beds... anyone from louisiana or other gulf coast state will recognize this as a crawfish hole!! i have never actually seen the crawfish but i think it is funny that it found a home among my turnips and red beebalm, oh and the thai basil.

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kate smudges said...

How wonderful to see seedlings up at the same time there are turnips that look as if they will soon be ready to eat. I've never seen a crawfish hole ... thanks for showing that!!

I'm enjoying looking at your monotypes again!