Saturday, November 24, 2007

it finally feels like winter here--yucky and cold and gray. why was i waiting for this? why can i not seem to be content with whatever season we are in? fall never seems to be long enough and spring never seems to be warm enough-but then suddenly summer is here and we are all sweating to death and wishing for fall. well, it is a good time to be painting so i have started on some more little 8"x8" watercolors. i have started some larger sizes too but don't seem motivated to finish them. they are so close too... i feel like i am on the brink of a new discovery/path change in my painting. i would really like to get back to doing some encaustics but i don't have a stove or an aluminum plate to make the prints on. gotta work on that. anyway, a little eye candy for the day. title: lotus land
size: 8"x8"
medium: watercolor


jr said...

GIRRRRLLL!!! you updated your etsy shop and i can't believe my 2 absolute favorites were never even posted on either of your blogs! in the fold and even odds- O MY GOD loooove them. esp even odds i think but both sooo awesome! you seriously gotta look into doing the encaustic thing at home. that seems to be a good medium for you. word to yer mother ;)

anna maria said...

The watercolor is beautiful and so is your tattoo. Kate gave me the link to your site.

Joy Logan said...

Love these colors,amazing piece! My thats a large tattoo. I plan to have nursing home instructions tattooed on my front and back!