Tuesday, November 6, 2007

encaustic monotypes

these are some pieces i created by a heated wax process. the wax (which can come in any shape but is usually a thick stick form) is applied to a heated metal plate and manipulated to the desired composition. then a single print is taken off the plate which can be the final piece or can be added to with more layers/colors of wax or can be added to in the form of collage which i have done in the middle two pieces by drawing forms with ink on sheer rice papers. it is a fun process and really opened me up to creating abstract prints.

title: chopsticks
size: 9.5"x10"
title: mother oak

size: 15"x22"

title: cypress swamp

size: 23"x16"

title: lily pond

size: 19.5"x12.5"


Linda O'Neill said...

Really nice, Laura! I think "Cypress Swamp" is my favorite. Printmaking rocks!

kate said...


I love these pieces - they are beautiful. How big is the metal plate and are they hard to find?

'Mother Oak' and 'Cypress Swamp' are my favourites. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing the technique. You might also want to check out - www.lisamertins.com - she has a beautiful encaustic piece there.

Lynda Cole said...

Laura, really nice work. Are the little black bits added afterwards? http://bonzochronicles.blogspot.com

jr said...

well i'm gonna join this bandwagon and point out that lily pond is my fave. beautiful subdued colors. and whats most exciting i think is seeing such experimentation and stepping out what seemed like your comfort zone. these are still obviously your style but so different! supercool, laura!