Sunday, November 18, 2007

more encaustics

i have decided to post more pictures of encaustic monotypes since many people seemed to enjoy seeing them the first time. almost every piece is done on a different kind of paper, most are fine art papers as well as drafing vellum. the type of paper and it's texture have as much impact on the appearance of the paintings as the application of the wax onto the hot plate and the taking of the print. here goes. title: rapid growth
size: 12"x 13"
title: meadow horse
size: 18"x 10"

title: natural rhythm
size: 8.25"x 10.5"

title: dot or square?
size: 21.5"x 16.5"


kate said...


I love these .. the 'dot or square' is really cool. I'm glad you have posted more of these.

Anonymous said...

Good talking to you -will talk later.