Sunday, April 20, 2008

blooming now part 2

just to clarify--all these pictures are not things i have grown from seed, just some of them. these sweet peas are though, i really love the color combination.
heirloom sweet peas "cupani's original"

sweet pea buds

different colors of larkspur, there's purple too

the meyer lemon tree all budded up

this is my most exciting bud, a giant dutchman's pipe vine that i also got in austin while in town for the garden blogger's spring fling. it was at one of my favortie nurseries there on south congress, the great outdoors i believe it's called.


Gail said...

wow, those sweet peas are fabulous, the double color! Do they smell sweet, too?

Thank you for your kind words when my mother was ill...I did appreciate them very much,

Lee said...

That is such a neat looking bud (the dutchman's pipe), and the Great Outdoors is a neat place (did you try the empanadas at their cafe?). Can't wait to see what the bloom looks like...

herself said...

Lucky you, lots of my favorites. I love larkspur and sweet peas.

I have some larkspur blooming but no sweet peas.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Dutchman's pipe flower. I have some small ones established and planted my first giant one this spring. It's going to town but no blooms yet.

kate smudges said...

The colours of your sweet peas are lovely. The larkspurs look beautiful. That is a good closeup of the Dutchman's pipe. There is a bit of Austin in your garden now.

Diana said...

Love, love , love that Dutchman's pipe. I have one big one and lots of little babies that I recently put into pots. I, too, love the Great Outdoors. Glad you shopped there - they donated many nice things for our door prizes and were very nice. The sweet pea colors are beautiful together - fuchsia and magenta - so vibrant.