Monday, April 14, 2008

spring fling

more pictures from the amazing spring fling garden bloggers get together in austin, texas!

an awesome collection of cacti and succulents

i feel like i know what this is but the name is eluding me right now...

blogger buddy bonnie and i enjoying a great garden tour

crazy voodoo lillies that we thought were metal sculptures at first glance


orange beauty(not the name of the plant, just what i think of it)


Diana said...

Great photos, Laura. Where were those succulents and cacti? That's cool composition of the photo. I just love that there are still lots of Spring Fling posts popping up.

kate smudges said...

Those voodoo lilies are cool ... I would love to see them in person. It's great that you had a good time in Austin!

Linda O'Neill said...

I love the name "Voodoo Lillies"! Great pics, Laura...and the two of you look so cute there in the gardens .

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I dont remember the voodoo lilies. Where were they? They look fabulous!

Robin at Bumblebee