Friday, September 4, 2009

another great day in texas

ok, are we all getting that i totally love it here and right now am obsessed with all things texas? that's right, bring on the cowboys! ok, just kidding-unless they look like heath ledger(in his cowboy role). and yes, i did buy texas wine today at whole foods(started in austin). ok, so, today i headed downtown for IF+D, one of the coolest shops here-great art, furniture, stuff, etc... super friendly staff and customers! they are having a sale right now too!! i did buy two bar chairs and am trying to talk myself into my new art table...i'll let you know how that one goes. well, after spending a good bit of time there i ate lunch at jo's--amazing burger and some of the best fries i've ever had. i even ate outside and enjoyed the texas heat, it really wasn't that bad today.
even the birds were hanging out at jo's, getting free drinks from this dog bowl! i don't think he liked having his picture taken--get a close-up look at this guy's face! some serious eyes going on there...
so tomorrow is the plant sale at the botanical gardens, hopefully it will not be super crowded although i'm sure i will be. i love crowds. if i come home with a kick-ass agave it will all be worth it.

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