Thursday, September 3, 2009


today is my one week anniversary of my relocation to austin, texas! my favorite city in the world!! i have to admit i am not the world traveller but of all the places i have been i love it here the most. a dear friend of mine started her blog today and inspired me to put up this post, i didn't think i had anything great to blog about so i'll just tell bits and pieces of the story of my move... here is my car that was filled to the gills with me, my stuff and my 3 cats! we all survived the nine hour drive, thank god that's over!

a view of the austin skyline from just south of downtown

a new favorite and what will be a regular culinary indulgence:dessert crepes made and served out of a super cool airstream trailer right here in central austin. these were nutella with bananas and that is my delish iced coffee in the background. yum!

this was a cheese plate i got at a wonderful little wine bar not too far from my place, yes, i have already had lots of yummy food--bbq from Rudy's, gourmet shrimp flautas, fish tacos, but tomorrow i am searching out the frozen avocado margaritas i have heard about. i will also be checking out the cacti and succulent sale that i believe starts tomorrow at the zilker park botanical gardens, i really want an agave for my patio! :)

thanks to christina for inspiring me to find the energy to put up this first little post of my new home! :) please check out christina's blog the blushing bride for advice, beauty, etiquette and all things wedding!


jr said...

ahhhh cooooolllll!!! you sound really happy! which makes me happy :) and now we can hang out when i visit my parents! show us what you get from zilker! show us your new tea arrangement in your new kitchen. show us the cats in austin :) hehehe yay! you made it!

Pam/Digging said...

Welcome back to Austin, Laura. It'll be nice to see you again at blogger get-togethers.

Laura said...

thanks pam! i'm looking forward to seeing all of you again too, it's so nice to have you all here-it makes moving back seem much easier!