Friday, September 11, 2009

bat face

ok, how funny is this??? i always thought i got the "bat-faced" cuphea before, but no. not until i got home yesterday and looked through all my pictures and saw this tiny face looking at me did i really, truly get the name!! how funny! i love it.
anyone who knows me well knows that i am obsessed with bats and am super happy to be living in a bat city with a bunch of other crazy, bat-obsessed people. so here's to austin, being a cool bat-friendly city and all.

these were blooms on one of the water plants in the front pond at the gardens, i love the contrast of the very yellow-lime green stem in the background next to the lavender and purples.

and i really will never tire of looking at the passion flower blooms, so very geometric and amazingly complex. i wish the red one had been blooming as well, it was full of buds but no blooms.

eggplant blooms are another of my favorite flowers, just so pretty and sweet

cactus thingy. cool and spikey. don't you love how technical i am with the names??


jr said...

your photography is amazing. you should do another calendar. 2010 is just around the corner! etsy product perhaps?!
you're so right about the green line in the background behind the pale greyish lavender flowers.
you're so right about all these points! the bat-face- so cute! the geometry of the passion, indeed...
awww, hope we get a chance to watch the bats together sometime soon!

Diana said...

Great to see you blogging again. Love those bat faces - I have one and it always makes me smile!