Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zilker botanical gardens cacti sale

i found exactly what i was looking for at the plant sale--great agaves and as an added bonus an aloe and a cute little cactus. i spent more money than i planned to but my patio is now beautiful and who can put a price on beauty??? i hung the finishing touch after it started getting dark out so i will post pics of the whole patio tomorrow. below is the aloe, little did i know they came this spikey and dangerous looking!

aloe peglarae

the adorable cactus i neglected to get the name of

whale's tongue??

and apparently the most photogenic of the group agave potatorum. funny name.
after shopping the plant sale i went to "the great outdoors" and got some really great italian terra cotta pots for a steal! if you're looking for some simple, sleek pots run over there tomorrow, there were still some left! very cool and a bargain.


jr said...

well they all look photogenic to me, but, of course- you are just good with the camera/plant photography. awww, now i want a room full of succulents! these are lovely!

Laura said...

yeah, i know! i want my apartment to be overflowing with them! much to my checkbook's dismay the sale goes thru monday, i am trying to stay clear of that area until it's over. i wonder if my crazy cats would try to eat cacti and end up with splinters all over their faces? probably... vet bills are the last thing i need!!

Rock rose said...

I was wondering about your terracotta pots. I love the pink hue. You chose some very nice specimens too. I have the potatorum too and I finally repotted it. It had a number of pups. I keep it inside in the winter as it is not particularly hardy. See you at the meeting.