Friday, October 19, 2007

boulder, colorado--city of tea

my favorite place in boulder was the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. being a tea freak, it was a total paradise and an amazing place to spend an afternoon. i came home with a packet of ceylon black tea flavored with chocolate and blood orange, known as the "potion of immortalitea:a limited edition vampire tea". that was enough to hook me right there, i am a huge fan of anne rice's vampire books so i think i would have gotten the tea no matter what flavor it was. although the chocolate/orange combination is delicious! the food was great as well as the desserts, see below. (that is the "vampire tea" i drank with my dessert)

another great tea visit was the celestial seasonings factory where you can tour the actual factory/warehouse where they store, chop, blend and completely package the tea. i must have sampled 8 or 9 different teas and came home with several new varieties i had not tried before including candy cane lane-a decaf green tea, antioxidant white tea plum and honey peach ginger-a wellness tea. the candy cane lane is really delicious and is one i probably would not have bought at the store without trying it first. bonus! it was also great seeing all the artwork for the different teas on the walls, i would love to design a box of tea for celestial seasonings!

last but not least we visited a tea shop called "the leaf store" that sold their tea in bulk so i got a few 1 oz. samples: a black tea with peppermint and chocolate, an organic wild blueberry flavored black tea, and a lovely fruity black tea called ku cha imperial, i don't know what the fruity scent/flavor is but it's very tasty. i really like all the teas i got, especially the blueberry. they have a website: they also had a nice selection of various kinds of tea pots and even mate pots and straws.

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kate said...

Oh but that dessert looks delicious! I love the sound of the vampire tea - a perfect time to be drinking it too!