Monday, October 22, 2007

the side garden

this is what i planted in my garden this weekend, my winter bloomers. it is my first attempt at growing annuals from seed so hopefully my experiment will be successful. the sweet peas and nasturtiums will be a challenge because of our cold snaps and short spring. hopefully they will not freeze. i am also unsure about the black hollyhocks, i have never seen them growing here but what the heck, i had to try it. here is the bed pre-cleaning and edging. and after. i have planted the sweetpeas under the trellis so they should have a nice, sturdy support when they flourish and bloom and fill the air with their amazing scent. yes, visualize it.

and one of my favorite furry succulents, my brother has the same one that i got for him. maybe they have a long-distance connection.

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kate said...

How lucky you are to be able to plant seeds ... I love sweet peas. I hope the hollyhocks grow well - that is such a cool colour.