Friday, October 26, 2007

feline friday

this is our oldest cat, sambucca(sam for short), who is learning to tolerate(on good days)the kittens. sam grew up with marie, our abyssinian who died this summer. sam is 16 years old and is pretty grumpy but loves my husband--she has always like him better than me i think, even though i started dating him after i had sam. she is pretty snuggly in the morning when she is hungry and at night when we are all tucked in. here she is in the new kittie condo we got so the kittens would have something to play on besides her. if there are any cat lovers out there who don't have a kittie condo because all the ones you have ever seen are disgusting, expensive and hideous looking go to this website, steps for pets, they have a great selection, are inexpensive, the shipping is free and the product is a really great quality. i would definitely shop there again. they also donate a part of each sale to a shelter of your choice.

this is one of her favorite spots

unfortunately, these are the only good pictures i have at the moment. next week i will be posting some portraits taken by my good friend and excellent photographer paula casentini who does human, pet and fine art photography.

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Linda O'Neill said...

Sam is such a perdy kitty.:)

The paintings that you posted on Tuesday are just beautiful, Laura. Nice work!