Saturday, October 6, 2007

checking the "to do" list

i have accomplished 3 out of 4 things on my list. well, kind of. i have only finished one daily painting and i wanted to do more, however i have been working on and have completed a couple other larger pieces that i will post tomorrow. here is the latest, "my yellow weed". secondly, i did weed, cut back, and get my edging stones in this bed. unfortunately, i ran out of edgers so i will have to complete the bed with some similar sized grey stones. that's o.k., the edgers came from my little garden shop and they were all that was left. i knew i would be short but i ended up being even shorter than i thought. oh well, good thing i am not a perfectionist. here are 2 "before" and one "after" shot of the bed. now i have room to get in some cool weather flowers like foxglove, delphinium, pansies, alyssum, etc...beforeafter. i left all the vines on the trellis, i am not sure what will die back. i think my bleeding heart may last through the winter but the red morning glory and dutchman's pipe will probably die back. i am still holding out for some blooms on the dutchman's pipe--i think this is unlikely but you never know...
the progression of the bleeding heart blooms. there is actually another bleeding heart vine with all white petals and then the red "heart". i haven't spotted any buds on it though.
thanks to my blogger buddies who asked how my to do list was going. it is nice to have a friendly push in the right direction.

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