Friday, October 5, 2007

my first official feline friday

well i'll start by introducing my clowns, the two newest members of my cat family of three. hazel, in black, is now almost 6 months old and seems to be starting her rebellious teenage years early. she will not tolerate being held but loves to snuggle and be petted at night and at her preference during the day. she idolizes our older cat, sambucca. fern, a tabby-tortie-spotted stomach-ticked fur wearing ball of energy, is a hyper but 0h-so-cute four month old. she better start growing longways because she is starting to get a little bit of a tummy. she has figured out how to get every last morsel of food that has fallen down the inside of the automatic dispenser. she is very serious looking in this photo--don't be deceived.a good shot of the belly and cute tummy spots and stripey legsone of the most unusual and funny sleeping positions i have ever seenhazel in one of her favorite places--our laundry bin, a 3 sectioned rolling cart with a white liner. fern, right next door in the laundry bin.
and i'll save more for next week and introduce sam, the eldest member of our cat family. and now i have to go catch up on survivor from last night.

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