Monday, November 19, 2007

turnips and tattoos

i pulled up the first turnips on saturday, the one on the right was almost a perfect little globe!! we haven't eaten them yet, maybe tonight. we have been eating a variety of lettuces and arugula, which to me is in a class of it's own. i love it's spicy but rich flavor and if you've never had it fresh out of the garden(yours or someone close by) you are missing out. arugula bought from the store or even in salads at restaurants is usually seriously lacking in flavor. mmm, i love eating it on rice and fried eggs with cheese--and avocado when it is in season. i couldn't live without our zojirushi rice maker which provides us with hot, fresh, delicious rice at all times. rice is definitely a staple in our house that we eat with almost every meal, it really goes with everything. sometimes i switch between brown rice and white but jasmine is by far my favorite, just the smell of it cooking is delicious.
tomorrow i will post the ongoing progress of my tattoo with photos so if you don't want to look here is your warning. i know i am a liberal person but i am still surprised at how many people are really repulsed by tattoos in this day and age. almost half of the population 35 or under seems to have one. to me, not only do i make art but i AM art!!! i have been told by good friends that i have "ruined my body" and other similar negative remarks. one woman who learned about me from her sister actually said to me in surprise when she met me "oh, you're beautiful!" she was obviously expecting someone in biker gear, all black attire, old and haggard, who knows really but clearly there was some expectation about the appearance of someone who is tattooed. i am not implying any kind of negative connotations about people decked out in biker gear or all black attire--just putting out some stereotypes that i think some people associate with "alternative" individuals. i guess it just reminds me that firstly, this is louisiana and not los angeles, and that old ideas die hard. i would love to hear how other people feel about tattoos and how many people reading my blog have them.


jr said...

hehehe the tattoo post. can't wait to see the pix! you know i have a couple. and i think yer kinda right about your enviroment there. NO is interesting in that its very much a city, but still very old-fashioned. the old-fashion is def part of its charm in many respects. so i guess everything has its pros and cons.
i'm so jealous of your turnips and arugula! arugula is i think my fave leafy green. and its great that, from what i remember, the bugs don't feed on it nearly as much as other greens.

kate said...

Those turnips look good. I love turnips, especially turned into turnip puff!

I am looking forward to seeing your tattoos... I love tattoos that are well drawn and coloured.

Kylee Baumle said...

While I couldn't do what you're doing (the large tattoo thing), if you want to do it, that's your choice! I live in a very conservative area, too, and you'd likely hear the same things you're hearing there. I'll be honest and say that while your tattoo is beautiful art, I don't really like seeing it all over someone's body like that, but you sure won't find me judging you because you do. I'm just not the kind of person to judge like that.

I have a small tattoo of a little red heart on my hip (back side of my hip). It can't be seen unless I specifically show it to you and I got it when I was in my early 30s. It was something I'd always wanted to do and it took me about ten years to actually do it. I'm 50 now and it looks exactly like it did when I first got it. It hasn't faded at all, which kind of surprises me.

When I got it, my mom was disgusted. My friends just found it to be one more unexpected thing from me, and those that didn't know me well were rather surprised. I guess I'm not someone you'd think would have a tattoo, whoever that is. LOL.