Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Denver Botanical Gardens

here are my top 9 pics from the denver botanical gardens, i would have posted a nice even 10 but i kept getting an error so i just gave up. more on denver and my new love, boulder: city of tea shops and natural beauty, soon. artichokes--beautiful foliage
i love the soft, pretty yellow with the dark, spooky colored leaves
these are just too cute, i love the dr. suess shapes of the petals and eyes

i am somehow having one of these in my own yard
the changing of the seasons, i especially love the willow

these orchid-like beauties were just overflowing onto the paths, so pretty

smooth rocks in a flowing river formation--my kind of project. i can do tedious but i hate back-breaking garden work. thank god for hard-working husbands.

i don't even know what these pods were but they were so neat looking

there were so many amazing dahlias in every shape and color--this was one of my favorites.


kate smudges said...

Those are cool-looking pods ... I like that circular archway. I can definitely understand why you'd like one of those.

The Toadlilies are so pretty as are the Anemones ... I wish that I could grow both, but unfortunately they won't survive here.

Anonymous said...

hey kid, i like the pictures of the cats....steve

kate said...

I am not sure about the yellow flowers. Might they be Dahlias too? I thought they looked like Chrysanthemums, but now I am rethinking that.

Linda O'Neill said...

Hi Laura...missed you while you were gone! Hey, next time you're in Denver we'll have to get together...I'm only 20 minutes north.

Love your photographs. The Denver Botanic Gardens are amazing!