Monday, October 1, 2007

fall garden

i have been very bad lately about posting things from the garden. frankly, it looks terrible but i did discover a few things that are blooming for the first time or are having a comeback now.
i have a nice pile of edging stones i need to get in the garden on the side of the house after i weed and cut back some things, hopefully this week or during the weekend that will get done. bleeding heart vine i planted in early summer is finally peeping out, hopefully the "hearts" will be out in the next couple days
the first tiny bud on the "strawberry fields" gomphrenaa lovely grass i planted not knowing it had this um... tassle. very nicethe asclepia is filled with new blooms, and lovebugs. i can be comfortable knowing that if all other vegetation failed i could live on okra, it just keeps going...

tiny beet sprouts. yummy.

i have a few october resolutions--ideas i have seen on other people's blogs that i am adapting to my own use. the first is posting a "to do" list (keeping to the subjects of painting or gardening) so that all the millions of people reading my blog will hold me accountable... here goes--for this week i would like to:

*weed and clean garden beds

*put in edger stones

*get some new daily paintings done and posted to my etsy store

*talk to brenda at the red onion about a grand opening night for her new location

also, i am going to start participating in "feline friday", a fun way to share my pets with other cat lovers, and if you are not a cat lover you don't have to look on friday.


kate said...

A 'to-do' list is a great idea ... I discovered that while stenciling the garage wall ... people do remember what you said you were going to do and ask you about it. It works. You have an ambitious list and I'll have to make gentle inquiries from time to time :)

I wish I could grow Bleeding Heart Vine. I love it.

The leaves here continue to fall and I realise how much light there is in my garden when all of the neighbouring trees are without leaves.

Linda O'Neill said...

A great "to do"'s it going with that?:)

And bring on the Friday kitties!